Bill's Record

+ No New Taxes and a Balanced Budget

​+ Strengthened Immigration Laws and Banned Sanctuary Cities in the Senate

​+ A Rated by the NRA

+ Stopped the Democrats' Income Tax

​+ More Good Jobs through Business Tax Cuts

+ Awarded "Legislator of the Year" for Improving Access to Health Care for Seniors

+ Cut Property Taxes for Veterans by $25 Million

​+ Supported Enacting A Parental Bill of Rights in NH

+ Made College More Affordable with $5 Million in New UNH Scholarships

+ Put Parents in Charge of Education, Supported Public Charter Schools, and Expanded School Choice​​

+ Funded Opioid Treatment

Where Bill Stands

Grow Our Economy:

Bill will fight for more good-paying jobs in New Hampshire. We need to make New Hampshire a more pro-business environment. As a Senator, Bill has lowered business taxes to help grow the Granite State economy.

Strengthen Immigration Laws and Ban Sanctuary Cities:

Bill has led the charge to combat illegal immigration and keep Granite State communities more safe and secure. As Senator, Bill has sponsored legislation to ban sanctuary cities and ban illegal immigrants from getting drivers licenses in New Hampshire.

No Sales Or Income Tax:

Bill pledges to oppose and vote against any legislation that creates or raises taxes. He will always vote against any sales or income tax.

Protect The Second Amendment:

Bill is a strong Second Amendment supporter. He believes the right to bear arms is an essential constitutional freedom.

Protect Election Integrity:

In the Legislature, Bill has led the charge to ensure the integrity of New Hampshire elections by sponsoring and passing legislation to ensure only Granite State residents cast a vote in our elections.

Strengthen Education and Support School Choice:

​As a father of four children educated in New Hampshire's public schools, Bill understands the critical importance of education. He supports empowering communities through local control, citizen involvement, and putting parents in charge not bureaucrats. 

Stand Strong for Life:

As a proud Christian, Bill has a record of standing strong for the sanctity of life.


Support Our Veterans:
With a father who served in WWII, Bill has tremendous respect for those who have served. He has sponsored and passed legislation to cut property taxes for New Hampshire's 100,000+ veterans and worked to improve veteran's access to health care.

Fight Opioid Addiction:
Bill has voted in support of several initiatives to combat the drug crisis, without increasing taxes for New Hampshire citizens. He supports a three-point plan which highlights enforcement, treatment and recovery.